All tagged Everyone Is Qualified For Higher Education

Intelligent design assumes that complicated things are only caused by design. It's wrong in the area of complex biological miracles like the human eye; it's equally wrong in complex systems of human interaction like the stock market. Another complex human system might be called "American Higher Education." That system effectively transmits a racial hierarchy of whites over blacks down through history and forward into the future. Where do we look for the racist who designed that system to have those racist results?

The Reformation included Henry VIII disolving the monasteries and commandeering their wealth. How will our modern monasteries be treated in coming years?

Poor people, rich people, where we put our money, and the absurdity we believe to justify the difference...

Who wouldn't love a separate but equal system of education?

This wasn't a big problem when a high school diploma qualified students for a career. But today, when post-secondary education is essential to secure employment, our system of providing it is separate but equal. If you didn't go to college, you still pay state taxes and fund State U, but your kids won't go there. Instead, they are left to fend for themselves in the jungle of trade schools, community colleges, and for-profits.