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This Would Never Happen To The Private Sector (except all the times it did)

Somebody at the NYT is reading this blog. The other day, I explained the software problems that were revealed when the Federal Obamacare Exchange went live on October 1:

Computer Savvy Millennials Don't Understand Software Industry

The NYT said exactly the same thing a few days later here: 

Health Exchange Delays Tied To Software Crash In Early Rush

Like an idiot, I started to read the comments. Lots and lots of this kind of thing: 

This is below the standards of private industry, I should know, because I'm in tech. Not just tech, all kinds of great stuff. I'm so great! 

If you are so great, try reading: 

Mr. Chopra noted that when United Airlines and Continental merged their online reservations systems, it took weeks to iron out problems.

Maybe you don't trust this Chopra guy, seeing as he used to work for the government (as Chief Technology Officer) so he's probably in the tank for socialist Obama. OK, but as a great tech wizard, you have access to the Internet, right? Look what I found at the LA Times, thanks to the magic of Google:

Glitch causes United to sell tickets for as little as $2.50

OK, but that problem at United, that was at the dawn of the information age, right? When was that LA Times article:

September 12, 2013 / 3:52 p.m.

Jeez! So specific!

And the dessert pastry goes to...

But the comment that takes the cake isn't from a tech genius. This "Editors Pick" sounds more like the guy in charge of the tech geniuses (emphasis mine):

I know that people are focused on the technological aspects of this, but ultimately it is really a failure of project management.
A properly managed project would have taken into account the political sensitivities and the inflexibility of the project deadline. This in turn would have resulted in additional resources being assigned to the project, particularly in the area of testing and quality control.
The US government has successfully completed projects that are orders of magnitude larger and more technically complex -- the Apollo Program and Manhattan Project come to mind. By comparison, the healthcare exchange should be a chip shot.

The Apollo Program was waaayyyyyy better!

Because getting told that you don't have an account when you know you just created one is worse than, wait for it....

...dying in a fiery explosion with two of your closest friends!


Journalism Or Press Release? Same Thing.

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