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Not Moderate, Rather, Reality Based

 Trump's Treasury Secretary to be, Steve Munchin (or something), said a true thing: 

Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, is making a surprising, and welcome, case for boosting funding for the Internal Revenue Service, correctly calling it understaffed and “under-resourced,” and arguing that it should be exempt from Trump’s federal hiring freeze.

Be on the lookout for pundits calling Mnuchin a "moderate." 

The idea that the IRS should have enough staff to enforce the law is not a matter for political philosophy. It is inherent in the very idea of government. The only possible disagreement is from anarchists and they are morons.  

Republicans (for the most part) aren't anarchists. What they do is simply deny reality. They simply ignore what everybody knows.  

Departing from this charade and describing the world that we actually live in does not make Munchin a moderate. It does not position him in the middle between conservatives and liberals. He is not staking out the "radical center" of High Broderism. No. 

The Treasury Secretary is not psychotic. He may still prove to be extreme. 

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