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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Will Kansas Be The Place Where The GOP Is First Replaced?

The "Jayhawkers" were militant Anti-Slavery warriors who did battle with the pro-slavery terrorists from Missouri.

The Jayhawk State in 2014 is a GOP stronghold. Thus, the Jayhawkers now find themselves in a strange alliance with the Neo-Confederates of the Deep South thanks to the realignment in American politics that started in 1964.

When the GOP goes the way of the Whigs, will the new rival to the Democrats arrise in the Jayhawk State? Vox reports: Republicans Endorse Democrat In Race For Governor:

The group, Republicans for Kansas Values, released a list of 10 reasons they were endorsing Davis, most of which focused on Brownback's tax and budget policies. "Brownback's reckless tax 'experiment' resulted in (1) deficit spending, (2) increased debt, and (3) reduced credit rating," the release reads. The group is mainly made up of former elected officials. It contains two former lieutenant governors, the current state insurance commissioner, and many former members of the state legislature.

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