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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

It Probably Has To Be This Hard, Part 3

Seventeen middle-class teens who had recently been taught about the politics of gun violence had to get killed for this to happen, but it is happening...


 Laura Ingraham was forced to apologize by the fear of lost advertisers.

People have said that the kids are too young to know that gun control is intractable. That they are making change because they are innocent of the cynicism that says they shouldn’t try. 

I think it may be the simple fact that they haven’t gone to college. They haven’t been taught to think about politics in systematic terms. They haven’t felt compelled to draw up a coherent ideology. These kids get how politics works because they haven’t been taught a bunch of theoretical gobbledygook that was cooked up in the 20th Century by a Post War explosion of PhDs.

They see a problem, they propose a list of six changes in the law to help solve that problem, and then they assert an emotional case in rhetoric completely free of abstraction.

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