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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

This Is How A Party Dies, Con't.

We haven't seen the death of one party and the birth of a new one since the Republicans replaced the Whigs in 1860.

It is interesting, then, that James Fallows of the Atlantic is posting pictures of John Calhoun: In case the point is not clear yet: there is no post-Civil War precedent for what the House GOP is doing now.

Meanwhile, Jon Chait explains why this is an actual crisis of constitutional government*: The Debt-Ceiling Showdown Is the Fight of Obama’s Life.

Finally, Ryan Lizza explains the geographic origins of the Congressional Suicide Caucus**. Shocker: not the best educated parts of the country!

*Anybody else remember when the Washington Press Corpse called the Monica Lewinski affair a "constitutional crisis"? Journalists are really stupid. 

**Word to the wise: do not try the catering at the caucus retreat on the Eastern Shore, especially the "fruit juice." 

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