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Less Than Meets The Eye: Predicting What We Will Learn About Trump And Russia

So, here's me laying down my marker, predicting the future so I can later gloat over how right I was. At this moment there are two unanswered questions: 

  1. Why did Flynn lie? 
  2. Why did Sessions lie? 

But when you put together everything we know, it turns out we know the answer to those to questions. 

  1. Trump has one motive and one motive only: preserve his own fragile self-esteem. 
  2. Trump's self-esteem is based on "winning" and being rich. 
  3. Sean Spicer has experience with the press and is not an imbecile. 
  4. Nonetheless, Spicer's first press conference was monumentally stupid, antagonizing the media for no good reason and insisting that obvious lies--about unimportant bullshit--were somehow true, guaranteeing horrible press coverage of his boss.
  5. Why did Spicer behave like an idiot? Because Trump ordered him to lie to protect his own fragile ego over the size of the Inauguration crowd.
  6. This is how Trump operates. 
  7. Michael Flynn has a ton of intelligence experience and is not an imbecile. 
  8. Nonetheless, Flynn lied about phone conversations with the Russian Ambassador knowing full well that the lie would be exposed, thereby creating controversy over a 5 minute phone call which amounted to jumping the gun on setting foreign policy a month too early. 
  9. Why did Flynn behave like an idiot?  Because Trump ordered him to do it to protect his own fragile ego.
  10.  Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a Southern Gentleman Racist.
  11. Southern Gentleman Racists take "honor" and "my word is bond" very seriously. They have to. The honor code of the Southern Gentleman Racist is how talentless dweebs like Jeff Sessions imagine themselves superior to black men and women. Sessions would never voluntarily choose to deliberately lie to Congress, because that would make him no better than a black man.
  12. Therefore, Sessions lied to Congress because Trump ordered him to. Which Trump did to protect his own fragile ego.

Based on this, we know that Flynn and Sessions had contact with the Russians and Trump was embarrassed about that.

Things that would not embarrass Trump: treason, plotting to help Putin, anything having to do with the politics of Ukraine, hiring Russian prostitutes.

Things that would embarrass Trump: needing help to win and being poor. 

So that's the answer. What are they hiding? 

  1. Russia helped Trump get elected by hacking the email of Democrats and releasing the contents to WikiLeaks, and
  2. Russia's financial help allows Trump to claim to be a billionaire. In all likelihood, they loaned him a ton of money a decade or so ago and saved him from total personal bankruptcy and he is still making the payments.

That's all. 



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