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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Press Sucks

By the by, I think the tech revolution in journalism is a force for good. I tend to agree with Matt Yglesias, a blogger for Slate, who I am sure will have lots to say about Bezos and the Post. His background premise is that while it may be bad times for big journalism companies, it's a golden age for journalism consumers and journalism qua spreading true information to the masses. I personally think we are in a transition period and future "news" will be smart aggregation with a genuine "voice" and authentic "perspective". I'm sure that's not an original idea. But the key to my vision is that it marks the end of the strange and pernicious post-war phenomanon of "objective journalism". Like the GOP, objective journalism can't die fast enough, and, just like the GOP, the longer it takes to die the more marginalized people suffer. -Thornton

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