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Tea Party Hero (Ted Cruz) Embarrases Ivy League Elitist (Also, Ted Cruz)

Real Americans voted for Tea Party hero Ted Cruz and sent him to Washington on a mission to embarrass those elitist Ivy Leaguers who are ruining the country.

The result: Tea Bagger Ted Cruz, please say hello to arrogant Princeton/Harvard Grad... Ted Cruz.

TeaPartyTed: "Ted."
Princeton/HarvardTed: "Ted."
TeaPartyTed: "Pussy."
Princeton/HarvardTed: "Moron."

Now, "TP" Ted, see if you can set "PH" Ted up to look like an idiot who doesn't understand the Senate rules.

Well done, Ted! I think you made Ted cry!

Update: As Steve Benen says:  Instead, the Texan seems to have set a trap for himself, which he quickly fell into.

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