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Did the Well Blog at NYT Have A Conversion Experience?

This takedown of years of observational study backed nonsense about breakfast  is dangerously close to an admission of guilt by the blog itself. 

And this analysis of a TED talk  where a doctor asks forgiveness for peddling moralistic claptrap about how fixing obesity is a matter subtracting calories out from calories in? It's even closer to a come to Jesus moment.

Alas, We should be so lucky! It turns out both posts are from the same author, Anahad O'Connor, and not by lead blogger Tara Parker-Pope. Mr. O'Connor seems to have avoided the normal vetting process at the blog that requires authors to profess ignorance on all matters of science, statistics and logic.

Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense:

When Teams Lose, Fans Tackle Fatty Foods
Football fans’ saturated-fat consumption increased by as much as 28 percent following defeats and decreased by 16 percent following victories, a new study reports.

Fascinating... Is saturated fat bad for you? [1] The article offers not a single shred of evidence! It does say that other choices are more "healthful". What does "healthful" mean in scientific terms? Nothing. How about in just plain English terms? Almost nothing: "conducive to health." A Twinkie is "healthful" if you're starving.


1. Short answer: no. Human beings are built out of three things: water, protein, and saturated fat. Long answer: how much is too much? We don't know. 

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