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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Govt Should Pay For Movers

I have no idea how well govt job training programs work, but a safe guess is that they don't. How should we get the unemployed back to work?

Well, a conservative would point out that the govt is poorly positioned to know what skills are desired by employers. Such a conservative would be right.

On the other hand, the govt does a very good job of paying its employees. And govt employees are very good at doing tons of things that need doing--from building roads to providing day care (Head Start). So if unemployment is the condition of not having a job, we should treat the condition with jobs, not training or something else.

But what about the private sector? Well, instead of giving corporations free money to put their jobs where the workers are (tax breaks like the one Connecticut gives to ESPN), let's give money to movers for the productive work of moving people to where the jobs are. We should create a program where if you are unemployed the government will pay for you to move where unemployment is less of a problem, either with a tax credit or straight cash.

The crazy status quo features a bunch of Reaganists who support free money giveaways to corporate America while opposing efforts to pay people for valuable work. "Conservative"? My ass.

Why I Love DC

Is this, at bottom, the source of all Republican wrongness?