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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

No One Is Ready For January

Politico on the tax bill and what’s next, here.  

Long story short: the government will stay open on Christmas thanks to a clean CR that kicks the can till January 19th. At that point, there is no way for the GOP to keep the government open. They don’t have the votes. 

The problem? The House Freedom Caucus will not vote for a funding package unless it is officially scored “Insane.” But once Doug Jones of Alabama is sworn in, there will be only 51 Republicans in the Senate, and an appropriations bill needs 60 votes to get past a filibuster. 

Meanwhile, the biggest event in January is one nobody dares mention: John McCain’s funeral.  

John McCain was diagnosed with gioblastoma in July. Forty percent of people McCain’s age who get that diagnosis are dead within a year.  

From the UCLA website linked above. 

From the UCLA website linked above. 

Maybe the current set back is just a bad cold... Maybe. 

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