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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Invention of Agriculture Was Least Bad Option

We tend to imagine that our modern lives are better than our hunter-gatherer ancestors. But it turns out that European hunter gatherers were given a choice and they chose to continue hunting and gathering. For two-thousand years they rejected the agricultural "development" of Asians who had literally moved in next door

Hunter gatherers, if they survived childhood, often lived into their 70s and enjoyed a nice life. Let's face it: grain has been and always will be poor people food. It makes you fat and lacks nutrition. We only started consuming this junk when we couldn't feed ourselves off hunting and gathering. 

Agriculture created every problem we have today from social stratification to climate change. One way to view Democratic values is the effort to return to the hunter gatherer moral code where some people are in charge, but everybody eats. Can you imagine a tribe where there was more mammoth meat than everybody could eat, but some people were forced to starve based on their lack of merit? 

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