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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Marxist Identity: Glenn Greenwald

Basically, Glenn Greenwald symbolizes everything that is wrong with the world. His existence is an affront to Charles Darwin and empirical science generally. He’s an oppositional prick who, thanks to the continuing influence of Karl Marx, gets treated as principled. He has zero insight into humanity and has been rewarded with an army of dedicated followers.  

After the Kuhnian Revolution, we will see Greenwald for what he is: that smart ass who disagrees with everything that you say because he’s secretly convinced that he can’t build anything of value and that he himself has no value. 

In the meantime, his identity gets treated as a coherent ideology. Greenwald is a “leftist.” 

Scott Lemieux on Greenwald: 

I think it’s clear that while Glenn doesn’t like or affirmatively support Trump, he saw him as a real threat to the NEOLIBERAL ORDER and would rather have seen him win than Clinton. How else to explain his repeated, howlingly wrong insistence that American political elites uniformly oppose Trump? This figment of his imagination really the key to everything — his unwillingness to consider the possibility Russian interference (combined with the preemptive assertions that even if evidence emerges it won’t matter), his relentless Both Sides Do Itism, and his at-best indifference to the outcome of the election. Hillary Clinton was the agent of neoliberalism; Trump, whatever his faults, was a threat to the neoliberal order; and discussions of Russian influence are a DISTRACTION from this and are hence wrong.

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