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Thornton Hall

The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

If It Saves Just One Child's Life...

Ok, fine. You claim that your intrusive, dumb idea will save lives. Either:

A. Prove to me that it will save more lives than ending driving while phoning;


B. Explain why you have more of a right to yap on the phone than I have a right to: 

Remain modest and decent in public places like airports. 

Ride my 10-speed without a piece of foam on my head that screams: Special Ed!

Drive my kid somewhere without strapping him down like he's on suicide watch (I don't mean infants and car seats. I mean booster seats. Go ahead. Scour the Internets for a shred of evidence that they have prevented a single bruise, let alone a death. I'll never see you again.)


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