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ACA Passes Dumb Definition of Centrism

As the blog some disagree explores in the context of the "factchecking" organization Politifact, there's an old journalism saw that says:

Well, both sides are angry, we must be doing something right.

Of course, even though the set of individuals that anger both liberals and conservatives includes Charles Manson, Kim Jung Un, and Mitt Romney, it doesn't logically follow that every member of the press is a feckless loser.

Nonetheless, as John Boehner continues to suggest that he will deliberately destroy millions of lives if the President insists on "faithfully executing" the Congressional mandate known as the Affordable Care Act, it's worth noting that Communist Kenyan Obama has also angered the left with Obamacare implementation.

As far as the AFL-CIO is concerned, Obama is not communist enough. At their convention this week the Union passed a resolution critical of the law and emphasizing its continued "commitment to pursue health care for all ultimately through a single-payer system."

So both sides are angry and therefore the press will play it right down the middle, with articles that present ACA implementation as the obvious right thing to do, suggesting that all hurdles are motivated by pure partisanship.  Riiiiiiight.

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