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Overheard At The UN Today

Sweden: Borrrrrrrring
Switzerland: Yeah. Obama may be a better speaker than the last guy, whatshisname, you know...
Swaziland: Bush?
Switzerland: Yeah, Bush. But he's certainly no Ahmadinejad!
Sweden: That guy could give a speech!
Swaziland: And good excercize, too, you know, standing up and walking out.
Switzerland: Right. That was fun! Like a fire drill. "Everybody meet at Starbucks across the street so we know you're safe."
Sweden: Remember that barista from NYU, out back smoking clove cigarettes? Remember her?
Switzerland: How could I forget? Not going to get anything that memorable from "No Drama" Obama!
Sweden: No holocaust denial, no crazy 9/11 truther theories...
Switzerland: The truth is so boring. Give me Colin Powell, doing his scary voice while pointing to grainy pictures of the desert, over this tool Obama, any day.
Swaziland: Any day? Really? I was told we kept World Bank hours.
Switzerland: Don't be so literal, Swazi! By "any day" I meant "Mondays, Tuesdays, and every third Wednesday." Duh!
Sweden: Yeah! Duh!
Swaziland: Sorry. I still think people say what they mean.
Sweden: You got a lot to learn about the UN, Swazi!

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