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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Remember William Walker When Considering The Fate Of Central American Refugees

As recently as 1992, the official foreign policy position of the United States was that all Central Americans with communist connections should be killed. Architects of this policy included Elliot Abrams and Oliver North, both convicted criminals. During the 1980s, in El Salvador alone, the United States provided $1 billion dollars for the express purpose of killing poor people, religious leaders, and university students.

We established the School of The Americas to train right wing death squads. This history is not debated, but frequently glossed over.

But we have totally forgotten that this sort of behavior is as old as the country.

The United States is a country where a trained lawyer thought it right and just to form a private army to kill poor Central Americans and replace them with slaves in order to create new slave states that could join the Union and ensure the continued control of Congress by slave states. His name was William Walker) and for four years in the 1850s, he was "President" of a Central American "Republic".


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