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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Frank Rich Gets It Right Re: Trump

From New York Magazine, Donald Trump Is Saving Our Democracy:

Trump will not make America great again, but there’s at least a chance that the chaos he sows will clear the way for those who can.

The thing I'd add is this: Trump has confounded the pundits in part because they believe in the "political spectrum." The model is a hold over from the era when French philosophers thought Newton's science could be applied to the science of "ideology", a term that did not exist before the French Revolution.  

If ideology were true, then the GOP base would vote for candidates that espouse "conservative" or "right-wing" positions, especially when the messenger has been hand picked by party leaders.  

But politics is actually about identities and interests. Trump's "crazy" pronouncements actually make perfect sense.  If you identify as "'Murican" (i.e., white, southern, not urban), make less than 6 figures, count on Social Security, and worry that your job might disappear thanks to either Wall Street or immigrants, then Trump's platform is perfect. 

His policies are neither right nor left, but so what? Human political preferences are nothing like white light refracted thru a prism. Indeed, what kind of moron thinks they would be? 

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