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The Press Beat Trump To It

Where o where would Donald Trump get the idea that all of Washington was corrupt? Not just full of bad ideas, but acting in bad faith?

Amy Davidson writes in The New Yorker of Trump's Inaugural Address (emphasis mine):

In the new President’s brief oration, those who had come before him—all of “Washington”—were guilty not simply of an inability to enact good policies but of corrupt bad will, even treachery: of “refusing” to safeguard the border; of protecting only themselves, and forgetting the country’s citizens. “Their triumphs have not been your triumphs,” he said. Trumpism, by contrast, would bring riches and greatness.

Have you ever forgotten to do what your boss asked you to do? 

Did you later "do it really quick" when you realized that your omission was about to come to light? Did that act of "doing it really quick" constitute corruption? Did it make your boss corrupt? 

Of course not. That would be insane!


Yet here's how the New York Times decided to start your morning back on September 2nd, 2016: 

WASHINGTON — F.B.I. officials questioned Hillary Clinton extensively about her judgment in using her private email system to discuss classified drone strikes and in allowing aides to destroy large numbers of emails, before ultimately deciding she should not face criminal charges, according to investigative documents released Friday.

The documents provided a number of new details about Mrs. Clinton’s private server, including what appeared to be a frantic effort by a computer specialist to delete an archive of her emails even after a congressional committee had requested they be preserved.

The facts: Hillary DID NOT DELETE ANY OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE. The "frantic effort" was in no way corrupt. There was nothing bad about it. I know you don't believe me, because look at how shady the NYT makes it sound. But it wasn't shady! The guy forgot to delete personal emails! Then he "did it really quick."

The former editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson, has called Hillary Clinton a "fundamentally honest politician". Matt Yglesias has pointed out that the story about her emails was total "bullshit."

Donald Trump, meanwhile, managed to break the law about preserving electronic correspondence--the very law that Hillary emphatically did not break--within hours of becoming President!  

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