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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

If Charles Manson had a daughter she'd be a GOP Senator

It used to be that if your father was given to vivid paranoid delusions--about a coming race war, the need for white people to unite against the blacks and Jews, and an evil committee of 16 men that decide who lives and who dies--you could grow up to be many things, but a US senator was not one of them. The old man would be just a little too embarrassing for public consumption.

But welcome to 2013! The race war called "Helter Skelter" was, of course, the brainchild of Charlie Manson... and Ron Paul. The NYT noted:

The Ron Paul Political Report [a newsletter he produced] concluded that the need for citizens to arm themselves was only natural, given carjackings by “urban youth who play whites like pianos.” The report, with no byline but written in the first person, said: “I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self-defense. For the animals are coming.”

The death committee? That's the hallucination of Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz. He honestly believes that Obama intends to kill the elderly. Awesome. Did Sam Berkowitz have any children?

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