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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Stupid Crazy Party Links 8/16/13

The GOP loves to talk about Obama's "overreach". Overreach meaning: campaigning on the promise to enact particular laws, winning a solid majority of the vote, and then working to pass the aforementioned laws. It's a classic case of projection because overreach is a hallmark of the GOP.

A GOP primary debate with questions from Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin? What could go wrong?

The Obama Rodeo Clown Is Becoming a Right-Wing Hero

Currently just about the only good inclination on the radical right (ie, Congressional Republicans) is the hesitation to spend billions of dollars on  "security" efforts that only succeed in taking our rights and our young people away from us. Naturally, the one of the clowns at the WaPo is opposed to this. Will Wilkenson at The Economist stands up for reason. Noted for August 14, 2013

Peggy Noonan is stupid and crazy. But you knew that. Here she is acting like Obamacare is defined by the tiny minority of people for whom it will cause problems unless it is tweaked.

Racism? No evidence I can see, says local white guy (Rand Paul).

George Will says Obama is worse than Nixon, again. Unexplained: why George Will is the only one who noticed, because, you know, you'd think being worse than Nixon would be sort of glaring, because, you know, Nixon was terrible.

Whenever I see stories about the way the primary system incentivizes crazy behavior it reminds me that "reform" in the name of little "d" democracy is probably the greatest threat to little "d" democracy in our country today.

Prosecutors Suck

Too hard on doctors?