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Nassar Reax: Argument for celibate priests?

 A lot of parents on social seem to be cheering on this behavior:



I understand. It’s totally human and fine. We don’t let victim’s parents decide the punishment for a reason. 

But I wonder if, over hundreds of years, the fact that Protestant ministers have children might explain why Evangelicals love Jesus but hate the New Testament. It’s not just this. Carting around your brood in an SUV is an acknowledgement that you’re fine erring on the side of killing other peoples’ children and here. Human morality takes a backseat when our offspring are involved. Natural selection is a bitch. 

But our moral leaders? 

As far as Christian morality goes, there is no room for argument. This is not ok according to Jesus or St. Paul. Vengeance is the Lord’s. As in: not you, asshole. 

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Evolution: Evolving away from Newtonian thinking

Evolution: Evolving away from Newtonian thinking