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Good indication of an idiot: decrying "identity politics"

If you care to spend your time talking to someone who doesn't understand politics, especially in the United States, find someone who complains about "identity politics". John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States, false into this category. In oral arguments last week he whined that college admissions officers might still pay attention to race in 12 years!  

In reality, politics is about two things: people's interests and people's identity. If you don't like it, too bad, that's just how people behave. Reality is a bitch, I guess.  

Here's a good piece from someone who gets it, repeating many of the themes you read first on this blog:

Death Throes Of White Male Rule

It is not coincidence that after seven years of a black president people are calling for lynchings at Republican rallies. It’s not some random quirk that eight years after a woman almost became the Democratic nominee, Republican candidates are crowing about their commitment to making pregnancy compulsory and accepting the endorsements of those who support violence against abortion providers. ... This election is a referendum on the existence and civic participation of Americans who are not white men — as voters, as citizens, as workers, as members of the military, as presidents.

The news will get better after "The News" dies.

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