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Grad of Lesser Ivy Confuses Ted Cruz With Rhyme

It's not easy to be the biggest douchebag at Harvard Law School, but Ted Cruz rocketed to the top of the class when the Princeton grad declared he would only study with fellow Harvard/Yale/Princeton folks. No "lesser Ivies" (or Irish, or dogs, presumably) need apply.

Yesterday on the Senate floor, the "lesser Ivies" got their revenge. The book Green Eggs and Ham written by Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dartmouth College Class of 1925, proved too much for Mr Smartypants. If you can read, you know the theme of Green Eggs and Ham: if you try it you'll find you like it!

So why would Ted read this book on the floor and make several references to it during a long speech about Obamacare? Two possibilities: he didn't understand the book or he didn't finish it.

Either way, I don't want Ted in my study group!

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