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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Comment thread springboard: thoughts to explore this week

A map for the near future, inspired by the fun I was having over here on the Noahpinnion blog, where Noah Smith name checks some philosophy of science and makes a few claims that aren't so much wrong as make no sense.

What kind of EconoTroll am I? Inspired by Noah's famous (in the blogosphere) bestiary here. Would this post explain that the basic problem with Neoclassical Economics is starting from low resolution data? That the problem continues because of a methodology that dodges all empirical checks? Big question: do people like me deserve to be split off from "Post Keynesians"?

A rephrase of the only question that matters in economics: "Why is Noah Smith a Neoclassical Economist?" The reason this is a question is because this post here (A few words about math) is so close to realizing the whole thing's a mess, and yet...

EconoTroll Entry: Dilettante Philosopher (or the "Uninitiated Peasant"*)

One Fantastic Sentence About The Causes Of Poverty