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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

An Unregulated Market

From   Washington Post  . Two people who ODed in a car w/ a kid in the back seat.  

From Washington Post. Two people who ODed in a car w/ a kid in the back seat.  

Reaganists love the free market. Regulation kills jobs, don't you know.

But here's how the free market works: 

More recently, the state has seen a rise the use of carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer so dangerous that a tiny flake can trigger an overdose. Carfentanil was implicated in an explosion of overdose cases late last month in Cincinnati. At least eight people have died of carfentanil overdoses, the Hamilton County coroner determined, according to CNN.

The market for illegal drugs is a very good example of what happens when government doesn't regulate the actions of private industry. Libertarians would have you believe that unregulated products would be safe because market incentives would push sellers in that direction. No one would want to develop a reputation for killing their customers, right? Wrong. 

Job vs Free Money? Just give the poor the goddamn fish!

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