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Ezra Klein Got My E-Mail!

In September 2012, I sent the following to a number of liberals at the Washington Post, including author of Wonkblog Ezra Klein:

Subject: The Company You Keep

Dear select few-

This pains me, especially in the case of Mr. Klein, from whom I learn new things daily, but I don't think I can ever click on another one of your pieces as long as you retain some connection with The Washington Post. It's one thing when George Will knowingly compares apples and oranges to make a false point (it's his trademark, really), but when Dan Balz pretends he doesn't know the difference between "registered voters" and "likely voters" when reading a poll in order to claim that the President has not seen a convention bounce, when the "fact-checker" acts like Turtle McConnell only became an uncompromising ass in 2010, and when the "Ombudsman" complains that the paper with an editorial page run by Fred Hiatt is too *liberal*, then something is deeply and systematically wrong.

As long as you continue to allow your names to be associated with the stinking pile of filth that the Post has become, you enable this nonsense. Please leave soon so I can once again enjoy your writing.

In the meantime,


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