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Cause = Poverty; Effect = Less Marriage

Television news is proven to lower IQ, happiness, and sex drive, but I was accidentally watching the PBS Newshour a year or so ago when they had a debate between two marriage experts. Actually, between one expert academic who had studied marriage extensively and one self-appointed family values clown. 

When the subject turned to poverty, the academic stated that the evidence was in: poverty causes divorce, not the other way around. If accepted by the Right, that would mean the end of a central talking point in the argument that the poor cause their own poverty. Here's the crazy thing: the wingnut family values clown AGREED that the causation was from poverty to divorce.

This being TV news, the point was very quickly glossed over. Hurry up and disagree!

Another data point in the wall of reality that opposes the right: people too poor to get married in the first place.

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