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NYT Reports: Journalists at NYT have been ignoring monthly street executions carried out by police

Of course, that's not the spin they put on it. Instead, the headline for this bit of news analysis simply confirms what we already knew, reporters are lazy, pompous, elitist parasites:

Data Shows No Rise In Police Killings, Though Focus Suggests Otherwise

That was the original headline on the website. By the time the story made it to print the headline had changes to: "Police Killings Rise Slightly, Though Increased Focus Might Suggest Otherwise".

Either way, the actual story should be headlined:

American Police Have Been Killing 1,000 People a Year For Decades and The New York Times Never Noticed

I should say that only about half of those 1,000 killings are straight up homicides where the police shoot a person. What about murders? As we are learning, the police never murder anyone, they commit "justifiable homicide."

There's no data on this, but if it's true that police have been killing people at a steady clip for a long time, then we can probably extrapolate from recent events and get this headline:

American Police Have Carried Out One Street Execution Of An Unarmed Black Man Per Month For Decades And The New York Times Never Noticed

So what was the New York Times reporting on? Here are some of the pictures of the dead or abducted people who did make it to the status of "All The News Fit To Print":

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