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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

BuzzFeed News Gets It

A. The rules have changed and these kids know it,

B. Darwinian metaphor! 

Go BuzzFeed

The pro-Trump media will no doubt continue its onslaught. And because the online ecosystems that undergird all of these interactions are deeply broken, the assault against David Hogg and his classmates will likely continue to spread across platforms like YouTube and Facebook and Twitter. But unlike the pro-Trump media’s usual enemies, the Parkland students innately understand how to use this broken system to their advantage. They know intuitively what the pro-Trump media has known (and used to its benefit) for years now: The way to win an information war is not to shy away from conflict online, but to lean into it.

Prediction: When John McCain Dies

Prediction: When John McCain Dies

Unempirical And Perfect Islands