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Fun In Conservative Comment Threads

Obama loves this guy!

Obama loves this guy!

Why do Reaganists think liberals are Stalinists? It's a fascinating obsession they have with communism.

See my comments in the thread under this conservative blog post:

Did Ezra Klein Make A Big Mistake?

Banned_by_KBTX • 2 hours ago
I am sure that Ezra Klein will succeed in the same way the seemingly endless reboots of Newsweak “succeed”: he will never completely disappear or run out of credibility with the hard Left no matter how many stupid things he says or does.

And after Pox dot com goes belly up - the market is already heavily saturated with neo-Stalinist outlets pretending to be news - Klein can land a sinecure with the Obama administration.

Thornton Hall @Banned_by_KBTX • 9 minutes ago
I think “Liberals are Stalinists” is my favorite conservative comment thread trope. It does some great work. First, it zeros in on some things conservatives have been genuinely correct about: Stalin was evil, it was important to fight and defeat him, communism is a way of organizing society that increases human misery. Being right about all these things is to Reaganists enduring credit.

Then comes the flip: everything we knew about Stalin, we also know about liberals. This has intuitive appeal because of the way the left/right spectrum is visualized.

But the best part about it is that it can be fleshed out in so many different ways. For example, Stalin used forced collectivization and liberals like trains, both want us all to crowd together in small spaces. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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