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Chait Has A Knack For This: Urtext Update

Jonathan Chait can be wrong. I think he supported the Iraq War. And Yglesias likes to quibble with his econ analysis. But he has got the knack for penning essays that clearly and correctly describe the State Of The Right. Not an easy task given some of the truly bizarre thinking that passes for policy analysis among conservatives these days. Here he is checking the scoreboard as we look at the policy debates of the Great Recession in the rear view mirror. We were right, they were wrong. Now what? Except, one side doesn't seem to know that's where we are:

It is hard to understand just how the Republican Party agenda connects to these circumstances [the various bits of economic data that came in thru the years] at all. A few years ago, you could certainly find a lively intellectual defense for the GOP’s position.
But none of these arguments were true. And conservatives have made precious little effort to replace them with other arguments.


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