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The Revolution Will Be Kuhnian.

Contempt For Hard Working "Real" Americans

It is true that one of America's two political parties has nothing but contempt for "real" Americans. The leaders of this party think that Americans are stupid rubes who believe whatever they are told by TV. These hateful elites believe that stupid Americans cling to their guns and religion. So, the Party thinks, say all the right things about God and the Second Amendment and these folks will never notice that you are full of shit.

We'll see. I think the GOP is wrong. I think even rural America will eventually figure out that, as Matt Yglesias puts it, Raising The Debt Ceiling Isn't A Concession:

But the debt ceiling isn't some pet Obama administration priority. There is a gap between the spending that Congress has instructed Treasury to undertake and the taxes that Congress has authorized Treasury to collect. Authority to borrow the money to fill the gap is necessary to legally dot the i-s and cross the t-s.

Do The Right Least Unconstitutional Thing

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