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Deficit Moralizing From The Post

I went to the WaPo to find out what kind of bill Paul Ryan is putting together and who he thinks will vote for it. I found this instead

The cost of those provisions exceeds $560 billion, though lawmakers included some revenue-raising offsets, such as increases in customs fees and a sell-off from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

In comparison, the 2009 fiscal stimulus bill passed at the bottom of a global recession under President Barack Obama was estimated to cost $787 billion over 10 years. Republicans uniformly opposed that measure in their clamor for fiscal restraint in the face of growing deficits — demands largely drowned out now in the Trump era.

What in th actual fuck? Seriously, Mike DeBonis? Seriously, Erica Werner?  Tossing out big scary numbers for no reason and then a throwback to Obama... for no reason. And then a throwback to Republicans under Obama for no reason?

It’s worse, really, because it’s fucking wrong. The Freedom Caucus are not a bunch of responsible deficit hawks. Look at the fucking name, assholes! They think government spending is tyranny. They don’t give two shits whether it’s paid for. They just want it to shrink.  

Then these same press assholes will write a story about how Democrats have boxed themselves in with an anti-deficit message. Yeah! Because you keep telling the public that the deficit is the most important thing in the world.  

The press: fucking assholes.  

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